Ingredients of the meals have ecological certifications

Catering company, working with a nursery, visited the eco-farm, from which they buy organic meat, to see if animals (poultry and large farm animals) have the best conditions, whether they are staying in the fresh air and have a sufficiently large run.

Suggested menu is based on healthy ingredients: whole wheat pasta, cereals, beans, lentils, chickpeas and lots of vegetables. Due to the seasonal availability of organic products, it is suited to the capabilities of bio-market. Only fresh vegetables and fruits are used when it is season. During off-season we use fresh root vegetables, imported ecological vegetables and fruits and ecological dried vegetables and fruits. The least used are organic frozen products. For the desserts we use inulin, agave syrup and xylitol, dried fruits and sugar cane.

Meals are salted with salt from the purest Himalayan mountain range in the Pakistani Himalayas. It has 84 elements while table salt or sea salt are highly sterile.

Lunches are delivered in thermos, so that they do not need to be heated and retain more nutritional value. Vegetables and starch additives are steamed, and soups and sauces are cooked on fire.

Healthy environment

Children learn ecology everyday.
We teach a healthy life-style.
Together with children we grow vegetables and fruits in our garden.
For the winter season we are going to build a greenhouse.