Using the montessori methods,

we help you to prepare your children for school and later life. Here, every child works with their own pace and possibilities. They chose task that they are ready for. They can improve their skills or try new challenges. Children chose how they want to work – individually or in small groups. ‘Montessori work’ is time, when children learn to focus on a task, organize their work and cooperation. They are encouraged to complete their tasks. Apart from excellent educational program, Montessori is:


Children in I Love Montessori are in the age mixed groups. Thanks to that, they get to know the environment as it is outside the preschool.

Younger children learn from older, while the older ones develop the natural commitment, care and strengthen their knowledge. This is creates a community, in which children grow up actively supporting ad helping each other. The children surrounding is ordered and clean, every object has its place – it teaches them order, and repeatability and consistency generate sense of security and harmony.

Self confidence

Children absorb the world, learn about the environment with all their senses and this is the uncritical perception. Child records all impressions, and learning comes unconsciously and involuntarily. That is why it is very important, with whom and in what environment the child is, when it is not accompanied by their parents.

Teachers in I Love Montessori treat every child with love, they do not criticize them, nor correct, but they show the right ways.

Children work individually, so they do not compete with each other. Being self-reliant – thanks to encouragement and the environment prepared in a way that children can do almost everything by themselves – allows them to develop self-confidence. Every child is happy about their achievements, they are self-reliant and learn how to make decisions in a way to be proud of themselves.


Our preschool is a place, where a child can involve their hands, mind and senses. Everything is within their reach and nothing jeopardize their safety.

Learning (playing)is based on specially elaborated teaching aids. Child chooses the topic by themselves and decides how much time they want to spend on it. Teacher does not interfere, they only give examples and support. They observe the child, follow them, help if it is necessary but never does the work for child.


Every child has the best time for them to learn letters, numbers, to know the surrounding world. All they need are proper conditions, so they can follow their interests. Only then will they learn with joy and without effort. In I Love Montessori children do not have any limits.

The joy of learning

Children love to work, they are fascinated by tools and objects that adults can use every day. That is why in I Love Montessori children make breakfasts by themselves, they grow a real garden and can make a laundry.

Children love to learn, they go through different levels of interests. Separate area for practical life exercises, training of senses, mathematics education, language teaching and learning biology and geography have Montessori teaching materials that form a logical whole.