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Krolina Scott

She is proud to have Associate Montessori International primary class 3-6 diploma and bachelor degree from special pedagogy with speciality of mentally disabled children therapy. She completed teaching practice in Montessori Children’s House in Sofia.


Part of Ilovemontessori family for nearly 4 years and for past 2 as a Teach Leader. She is also leader for Sports and dance class extra activities.

Being a teacher, as she says, not only fulfills her professional ambitions but also brings a lot of satisfaction and joy of giving.


In her free time she is passionate about different types of dance, likes sport and movement. For many years she supports vocaly various music projects.

Miss Anna Figiel

She is graduate of the faculty of pedagogy and psychology at UMCS in Lublin, major of preschool pedagogy with pedagogical therapy.

Co-teacher and part of Ilovemontessori family for nearly 4 years. Leads extra activity classes from science and 3D art forms, master of storytelling.

She spend 2 years living in UK.

One of her biggest passions is ceramics and among many other creative talents she is owner of ceramic instructor diploma.

The natural serenity and gentleness are the great values of Miss Anna at work with children.

In private life she is a mother of 8 year old girl and biking trip passionate.

Miss Julia Domin

She holds a diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in the field of painting and post-graduate studies of montessori pedagogy.

Co-teacher in Ilovemontessori for nearly 3 years. She is taking care of artistic classes and decoration of the preschool. The author of many, unique and beautiful didactic materials in our classroom. She is also master of cooking class extra activity.

Her hobby is sewing, handcrafting of customized dolls, swimming and creating living plant compositions.

Miss Julia brings to Ilovemontessori a breeze of romanticism along with her warm smile and a lot of forbearance.

Miss Ola Kotlarz

A graduate of the 1st and 2nd degree Music School and the Higher School of Management, major of National Security.

She is Teacher’s assistant in Ilovemontessori and in family for almost 2 years.

Her passion is playing on piano and singing.

She loves to spend her time around children and she is like good spirit of our preschool. Full of warmth, empathy and sense of humor, she helps to watch over safety of our pupils.

Miss Agnieszka Kierdelewicz

She studied social psychology of computer science and communication at SWPS in Warsaw. Director of Ilovemontessori. The idea for the preschool was naturally born in Agnieszka’s mind along with the appearance of son Sasha and daughter Lili in her life.

Propagator of an ecological and healthy lifestyle. In her free time she likes to train crossfit.

She takes care of good atmosphere in our small community and she is an excellent team leader.

She participated in many conferences connected with Montessori Method and on the occasion of numerous trips, she had the opportunity to observe the work of preschools in various parts of the world.

Mister Ricardo Marques

Contra mestre(?) of capoeira. He has a physical education diploma in the direction of capoeira for children.


Ricardo lives and teaches in Poland since 2005 and he is part Ilovemontessori family since 2013. He is the founder of the Capoeira Liberdade Poland Group.

Dancer, actor, choreographer, dj, Renaissance man 😉

Cheerful and energetic- children’s favorite. He trains, plays, sings and dances with our pupils. He cares for their harmonious physical and musical development, and by the way, in a natural way, by singing Brazilian songs, gives children an opportunity to get closer Portuguese language.

Mr. Mariusz

Co-creator of preschool.

For Ilovemontessori is a mainstay and support for organizational matters.

He has an enormous ease in communication with children and enjoys great sympathy among them. Sometimes he manages to find extra time and to lead DIY and gardening activities with children.


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